We offer a comprehensive range of coir log that has a wide area of application facilitating site stability and vegetation where steepness or exposure to waves and currents cause damages. They are offered in various grades and finish to suit the comfort of the user. Their application gets widened due to high strength, stability and resilience.

Our vegetation fascines are construction modules characterized by a compact roll of coir web covered by an exterior coir mesh netting making it strong and flexible. Their configuration and density help them to maintain form without losing material and promotes plant growth as well as microbial activity.

Woven coir geo meshes and nettings hold seed and soil intact on slopes, drainage ways and other areas of concentrated water flow, preventing erosion during heavy rainstorms. Coir geo meshes and netting are heavy woven mulch that stay together and cannot be moved by flowing water, wind or growing grass. The openings between the strands give the grass or vegetation plenty of room to grow on.

Anvita Builders


  • These different mesh mattings can meet the diversified requirements of erosion control.
  • Matting density can be selected based on soil type, slope of surface, rainfall intensity, surficial flow velocity etc.
  • Provide sufficient open area for the growth of vegetation in any climatic conditions.
  • Easy to install and follows the contour of the soil surface.
  • Eco-friendly and non-polluting.
  • A higher density means a closer arrangement of yarns in warp and weft direction and less open area in the netting.