We at Anvita, have developed proven Geotextiles products to protect surfaces and provide erosion control functions.The destructive effect of rain increases with the steepness of the slope of the surface. The rate of detachment of soil particles and its transportation depends on the erodability of the soil and the kinetic energy of rain drops. Wind too causes such erosion. The ultimate objective of it is to establish a dense network of root system and vegetable cover. The high tensile strength of coir fibres protects steep surfaces from heavy flows and debris movement. Geotextiles are permeable textile fabrics used to prevent the soil from migrating, while maintaining the water flow.

Our erosion control products for applications such as surface protection, protecting the structural stability of soils and retaining soil on slopes. Geotextiles offer many benefits over traditional construction techniques, by reducing project costs, construction times and reducing the volume of natural materials that are used and therefore reducing the environmental impact of transportation.

  • Anvita Builders
  • Anvita Builders


  • Synthetic mats can be used as reinforcement to add tensile strength to a soil matrix
  • Suitable also along steep slopes or slope channels with high water flow
  • Instant rain splash and runoff control. They provide excellent erosion protection also in disturbed areas where vegetation is slow to establish
  • The high tensile strength of coir fibers protects steep surfaces from soil erosion due to heavy flows.
  • Protection of seeds from birds
  • Creates a 'finished' look for new works
  • Extends the suitable laying season
  • Drapes to irregular slope profile
  • Quick installation