We works together with the mining industry and their consultants to solve specific soil stabilization challenges by usingbiological geotextile mats. The aim is to minimize soil erosion, by intercepting rainfall, retarding runoff velocity and sediment loss. We deliver unique and cost-effective, long-term solutions for a variety of earth challenges in applications including haul roads, slope reclamation, containment basins, channel stabilization, pipeline protection and flexible earth retention. The biological geotextiles offers economical and sustainable solutions to problems in all phases of mining operations from new mine development to closure and site reclamation.

There is a huge role to biological geotextiles on non-agricultural erosion environments and in the mine tailings to solve immense problems related to sustainable rehabilitation of mine dumps. This is a huge challenge, as wastes are highly susceptible to both water and wind erosion. By Establishing a grass cover to reduce erosion is the dominant reclamation method. Covering the slopes with biological geotextiles might constitute another option for mining companies to reduce erosion and aid natural re-vegetation.

With the use of biological geotextileschallenging slope-surface stability problems can be solved by confining and stabilizing the upper soil layer. The system meets all design and aesthetic requirements with variable integral components and infill type:

Anvita Builders


  • Long-lasting, fully-vegetated slope surfaces that otherwise could not support sustainable plant life
  • Aggregate or waste rock infill for permeable, non-vegetated surface protection
  • Concrete infill for armored systems
  • Single or multi-layered systems offer a broad range of slope surface protection solutions