We are engaged in offering a highly functional range of Coco or Geo Logs. These logs are designed to provide soil stabilization and support along river banks, slopes, steams, hillsides, and other erosion prone areas. Moreover, these have become very popular on stream banks in hilly areas.

The interior of the geo roll consists of 100 per cent coir fiber webs cross lapped or air laid, followed by needle punching or stitch bonding.The most appropriate size for coconut fiber logs depends on the flow and slope of your project. Standard coir logs are available in diameters between 12 and 20 inches and 10 feet in length. Twine can be used to join multiple sections of coir fiber rolls together.

  • Anvita Builders
  • Anvita Builders


  • Biodegradable
  • Multiple Logs Can be Joined Together via Coir Twine
  • High Strength Materials
  • Beach Restoration
  • Resistant to Water Flows and Small Waves
  • Helps Provide a Durable Barrier
  • Creates an Area for Vegetation to Grow


Log Diameter (m) Log Length (m) Pieces per 40ft HC Container
30 3 250
40 3 140
50 3 80