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Anvita Builders Pvt Ltd, has been in the real estate and construction business in Karnataka since 1985. It has also been engaged in infrastructure development in public as well as in private sectors. During the short span of last five years alone, it has completed many residential projects in Cochin.

The name to look after and rely on forever...

Coir Bhoovasthra Nature’s finest grab

Coir is a biodegradable organic fibre material which is coarse, rigid and strong. The constituents of coir have been found to be mostly cellulose and lignin. Coir fibre is weather resistant and resistant to fungal and bacterial decomposition. The rate of decomposition of coir is much less than any other natural fibre. These characteristics are attributed due to the high lignin content in the fibre.

What we do

  • Geo Textiles

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    We provide Coir Geotextiles to protect land surface and promote quick vegetation. Geotextiles are a wonderful treasure of natural echo friendly, erosion control blankets in woven and non-woven preparations. Totally biodegradable, geotextiles...

  • Coco Logs or Geo Rolls

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    We are engaged in offering a highly functional range of Coir/Coco or Geo Logs. These logs are designed to provide soil stabilization and support along river banks, slopes, steams, hillsides, and other erosion prone areas. Moreover, these have...

  • Vegetation Fascines

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    We offer a comprehensive range of coir log that has a wide area of application facilitating site stability and vegetation where steepness or exposure to waves and currents cause damages. They are offered in various grades and finish to...

  • Sky Garden

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    Sky Garden namely intensive/extensive, is a green space by adding layers of plants on top of a roofing system and green space in the intermediate floors of high-rise buildings. From planning your green roof to maintaining a finished project...

  • Minesite Reclamation

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    We works together with the mining industry and their consultants to solve specific soil stabilization challenges by using biological geotextile mats. The aim is to minimize soil erosion, by intercepting rainfall, retarding runoff velocity...

  • Soil Conservation

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    We at Anvita, have developed proven Geotextiles products to protect surfaces and provide erosion control functions. The destructive effect of rain increases with the steepness of the slope of the surface. The rate of detachment...

Coir geotextiles. The Fabric that

Manufactured out of coir fiber, Coir Bhoovastra is naturally resistant to rot, moulds and moisture, needing no chemical treatment.

Some unique advantages

  • Indigenous availability of raw material, skill and labour.
  • The high tensile strength of coir which protects steep surfaces from heavy flows and debris movement.
  • Five to ten years longevity which allows for full plant and soil establishment, natural invasion and land stabilisation.
  • Being 100% natural and bio-degradable, coir fibre functions as a soil amendment
  • Water absorbent coir fibre acts as a mulch on the surface and as a wick in the soil mantle.
  • The Excellent microclimate coir provides for plant establishment, natural invasion and balanced healthy growth.
  • Restoration of terrestrial and aquatic riparian habitat & the coir meshes provides.
  • The characteristic of being environmentally responsible and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Capable of being customized to specific requirements according to the topographical conditions.

Site Assessment

The first step in the application of Coir Bhoovastra is to make detailed study of the sites like slope assessment. Nature and consistency of the soil cover, the extent of the damage, rainfall patterns, etc., and thereby choose the right kind of Coir Bhoovastra as well as the seed or saplings for the vegetation cover.

Love Earth Go Green

Site preparation and laying procedure

Our site preparation and laying procedure includes Soil type assessment, slope assessment, slope blanket selection and slope stabilization procedure.